1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton sheets Fitted Bed Linen Set

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1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton sheets

Comes with 1 Fitted Sheet, and 2 Pillow Covers with Sham.


For a Comfortable Sleep

Breathable, simply amazing. Once you use Egyptian Cotton Bedding, chances are you'll never use anything else, because everything else just fails in comparison. These days, people seem to prefer Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen to even Silk Bed Sheets.

Our sheets grace the beds of Suites Classes in 5 Star Hotels all over the world. There is a reason that Guests choose these suites. And our Bed Linen is one of them.

Spoil yourself today, with our collection of the Finest Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen and sleep better. Wake to a new, fresh day, the way you should.

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What is Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Egyptian Cotton only grows in a certain climate and these conditions allow the plant to grow healthily with very long fibres.  These long fibres are much finer compared to your normal cotton fibre and your bedsheets are softer, smoother and more durable due to its unique extra-long staple fibres.  Extra long fibres are rated the highest quality and most sought-after cotton for its smooth and silky feel.  1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets are breathable, and you would not get warm even after sleeping on it for hours.

Why do you want Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Mahey Brothers Egyptian Cotton bedsheets are made from Egyptian cotton grown in the Nile River Basin, these sheets are designed to be soft and durable. 

Crafted with love from a four-over, one-under single ply sateen weave, the sheets are breathable and soft to touch.  The sheets come crafted in a 1000 thread count, a pick for premium luxury thread count used by 5-star hotels like Marriot Hotels.

The cotton is responsibly sourced, guaranteed to give you an excellent night’s sleep.

What are the benefits of Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Most of the 5-star hotels in the world use only Egyptian Cotton bedsheets mainly because of the luxury feel, and it’s ultimate comfort and performance.

Below are some of the benefits for using Egyptian Cotton Bedsheets:

  • Extremely soft – The long fibres used to produce Egyptian Cotton Bedsheets will produce silky smooth sheets.
  • Breathable – These are great if you stay in a humid climate or have a warm body. Especially great for people who may be going through menopause or undergoing chemo treatments as these group of people may have hot flushes.
  • Strong and durable – Well crafted Egyptian Cotton sheets are made to last as the long fibres can be weaved tighter to create stronger weaves
  • No pilling – Regular cotton sheets tend to form small balls of fluff after a couple of washes, making it uncomfortable to sleep on. Egyptian Cotton sheets are made to last and no pilling.

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